Grey Inorganic Terrazzo Wall Tile

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Grey Inorganic Terrazzo Wall Tile
  • Sightone Marble
  • Guangxi
  • 15-20 days
  • 800,000sqm/month
  • SMT715

Product feature:
With large tile size of grey inorganic marble, the big tiles can form a peaceful scene, matching all kinds of upscale space.
Thickness ranges from 14mm to 50mm, slab size have 3 options: 3200mm*1600mm, 2700mm*1800mm, 2400*1600mm.
The grey inorganic terrazzo wall tile has the beautiful appearance of real marble and combines it with the unique physical properties of tiles. It allows for easy maintenance and color control, thus making this grey inorganic marble tile the best choice for a wide range of upscale hotels and houses.

Product Description

Dark grey, white marble aggregates are irregularly distributed on the warm grey background, they interlace each other, forming the texture effect like dotted oil painting, with a strong sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional, giving people the space of infinite blind thinking, fully express the grey inorganic terrazzo wall tiles' warmth and romance.

Product Overview


natural marble aggregate,pigment, inorganic adhesive

Slab Size

3200x1600, 2700x1800, 2400x1600mm

Surface finished

Polished, Honed, Slotting,  Abrasive Blasting, flamed


14mm,15mm,16mm,18mm, 20mm,25mm,30mm, 50mm; Customized is acceptable.

Tile Size

600 x 900mm, 800 x 800mm


CE,SGS, ISO9001,ISO4001


a) Slabs: 15-20pcs pack in a seaworth bundle (after funmigation)

b) Cut-to-size:60-80pcs pack in a seaworth crates (after funmigation)


Free samples will be provided once requested

Technical Data

Modulus of Rupture


Static Coefficient of Friction

Dry: 0.85 Wet:0.64

Water Absorption

≤ 0.3%

Moh's hardness


Scratch resistance


Stain resistance




Interior Floor

Exterior Floor

Interior Wall

Exterior Wall

Domestic purpose

Commercial area

Residential area

Factory Overview
Factory Overview
Quality inspection System
Quality inspection System
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