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  • Crystal White Inorganic Marble Tile

    Crystal White Inorganic Marble Tile

    Product feature: Crystal White Inorganic Marble is a product that can fit into most of the interior and exterior design. Shepherd's white big mesh aggregate makes it quite unique within the Terrazzo industry. Plus pure white base color, the total impression of this inorganic terrazzo slab is noble and graceful. It can use for residential purpose as well as commercial.

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  • Terrazzo Facade Rectangular Wall Tile

    Terrazzo Facade Rectangular Wall Tile

    Product feature: The terrazzo facade wall tile is elegant with classic simplicity, full of a sense of nature. The black and white marble aggregates blend in smoothly with light brown background. There are 2 available tiles sizes: 600x900x20 mm and 800x800x20 mm, customized specification is welcome. The adhesive of Sightone's terrazzo adopts the inorganic special adhesive, enhence the performance of outdoor application, there is no color fading issue for terrazzo facade wall tile, this serie is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, wall and floor decoration.

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  • White Terrazzo Slab Vanity Top

    White Terrazzo Slab Vanity Top

    Product feature: White terrazzo slab with low expansion coefficient, which will assure the paving quality. Terrazzo is scratch resistance, and the Mohs hardness would be up to 5, perfect use for flooring decoration. Terrazzo slabs are also anti-static, directly touch food is no problem, they are eco-friendly, the raw materials are not contain organic resin. Therefore, terrazzo slabs are also recommended to process into counter tops. And with low water absorption advantage, terrazzo slabs processed to vanity top is suggested as well.

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  • Black White Marble Aggregate Terrazzo Floors Tile

    Black White Marble Aggregate Terrazzo Floors Tile

    Product feature: Black white marble aggregate terrazzo floors slab and tile is renowned for it's eco-friendly, odorless and non toxic features, terrazzo is widely used as internal and external wall and floor decoration material in campus, shopping mall, matro, airport and other commercial areas. Terrazzo is free from organic resin and organic adhesive, in hence, there are no fade cases occured when we applied to outdoor. The production and quality of black white aggregate terrazzo tile is steady. This terrazzo tile is popular for designers, and gained the recommendation in the design circles. Black white marble aggregate terrazzo floor tiles were already applied to lots of commercial buildings.

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