• Precast terrazzo cement floor tile

    Precast terrazzo cement floor tile

    Product feature: Precast terrazzo floor tile is High rupture strength, not easy to crack, perfect used in terrazzo kitchen floor. Water absorption of terrazzo flooring tiles: low water absorption, that would be 0.01% and stain resistance is high. Top quality selection of terrazzo series, the production capacity up to 10 million sqm annually, steady supply ability.

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  • Kitchen Countertops Marble Slab

    Kitchen Countertops Marble Slab

    Product feature: Kitchen countertop jumbo slab is one of the most popular interior decoration materials. Unique pink marble and white natural marble aggregate plus inorganic adhesive ensure for the durability and outstanding performance. Suitable for kitchen designs such as: stone countertops, terrazzo vanity top etc.

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  • Terrazzo Table Kitchen Sink Vanity Top

    Terrazzo Table Kitchen Sink Vanity Top

    Product feature: As terrazzo's abrasion resistance and rupture strength is superior, camel marble terrazzo slab is better than natural marble when processing to countertop, kitchen sink, kitchen top, bar top etc. Sightone terrazzo vanity top ( composite vanity top) and terrazzo table are a charm way to provide a unique and customized solid surface finish option to your construction project. These designs are built to fit in any indoor and outdoor space.

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  • Kitchen Inorganic Marble Backsplash Tiles

    Kitchen Inorganic Marble Backsplash Tiles

    Product feature: Kitchen Inorganic Marble Backsplash Tile is perfect fit for your ideal kitchen. It has Mohs hardness of up to 5 which ensure for the scratch resistance. Fire retarclant of grade EU A1 to make sure for safty. Anti-static in order to let food to have direct contact with the kitchen terrazzo. Sutible for your counter top, kitchen floor, kitchen backsplash and etc.

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  • Crystal White Inorganic Marble Tile

    Crystal White Inorganic Marble Tile

    Product feature: Crystal White Inorganic Marble is a product that can fit into most of the interior and exterior design. Shepherd's white big mesh aggregate makes it quite unique within the Terrazzo industry. Plus pure white base color, the total impression of this inorganic terrazzo slab is noble and graceful. It can use for residential purpose as well as commercial.

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  • White Terrazzo Stone Floor Tile

    White Terrazzo Stone Floor Tile

    Product feature: White terrazzo floor tile has quartz stone surface look, also has large marble aggragate with pure white basic color, this stone tile is suitable for large space area, even bring more visually compelling into the space. Within 7 days, we could deliver this white terrazzo stone tiles to oversea if we have stock.

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  • Brown Inorganic Marble Floor Tile

    Brown Inorganic Marble Floor Tile

    Product feature: Brown Inorganic Marble Floor tile - a staining inorganic terrazzo floor. As inorganic marble is the new up grading of terrazzo, it has improved traditional terrazzo bonding formula and made inorganic marble a better building material. For terrazzo flooring design, brown color is not being commonly seen, therefore having this brown color inorganic marble as the decord would be a sparkle. Good match for commercail indoor and out door flooring.

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  • Black Cementitious Inorganic Marble

    Black Cementitious Inorganic Marble

    Product feature: Black Inorganic Marble is formed by block type method, with the help of 5000 ton high-frequency pressing machine, it has a better strength than many other popular materials. Therefore, this type of inorganic terrazzo could have various of specification, thickness and shapes, over your imagination. Suitable for heavy traffic area application, such as: subway station, park, shopping mall and etc. It's a type of recycled stone.

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  • Grey Inorganic Marble Flooring

    Grey Inorganic Marble Flooring

    Product feature: Grey Inorganic Marble Flooring is the perfect choice for big natural marble aggregate lover. Mohs hardness of up to 5 ensure for the strength of interior and exterior floor application. Various of choice of surfaces (including: Polished, Honed, Slotting, Abrasive Blasting, Flamed and other customized surfaces) make this terrazo suitable for more designs.

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