• Precast Terrazzo Kitchen Floor

    Precast Terrazzo Kitchen Floor

    Product feature:
    Precast terrazzo floor tile is High rupture strength, not easy to crack, perfect used in terrazzo kitchen floor.
    Water absorption of terrazzo flooring tiles: low water absorption, that would be 0.01% and stain resistance is high.
    Top quality selection of terrazzo series, the production capacity up to 10 million sqm annually, steady supply ability.

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  • Outdoor Grey Terrazzo Pavers Tile

    Outdoor Grey Terrazzo Pavers Tile

    Product feature:
    When applied outdoor grey terrazzo paver tiles in large area, a special look will be created.
    Outdoor grey terrazzo paver tiles are coated with fine particles, which seems like shining under the illumination of lights, thus creating a sweet and quiet atmosphere.
    Two standards - 800x800 and 600x900, are available for our outdoor grey terrazzo paver tiles, smaller specification has its unique attractive when using in garden.
    Meanwhile, many other supporting parts are also supplied in Sightone. When coupled with them, a brilliant effect will be developed.

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  • White Commercial Terrazzo Floor Tile

    White Commercial Terrazzo Floor Tile

    Product feature:
    White commercial terrazzo floor tile has large marble aggragate on the surface with pure white basic color, this marble is suitable for large space area, even bring more visually compelling into the space.
    Within 7 days, we could deliver the terrazzo tiles to oversea if we have stock.

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  • Beige Marble Terrazzo Floor Tiles

    Beige Marble Terrazzo Floor Tiles

    Products feature:
    Sightone developed beige terrazzo marble floor tiles by means of state of the art - microwave curing technology.
    Perfectly solving poor performance of terrazzo floor in paving challenge, for example, the tensile strength and heat resistance are significantly improved, and even the Moh's hardness is higher.
    Beige terrazzo stone floor tiles are not only decorated indoor space, but also suitable for outdoor.

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  • Marble Aggregate Outdoor Terrazzo Cladding

    Marble Aggregate Outdoor Terrazzo Cladding

    Product feature:
    Marble aggregate outdoor terrazzo cladding tiles are energy saving and environmental protection, the raw materials are all inorganic, without resin. The production process will go through waste gas treatment, waste water treatment.
    Quick installation: Dry construction can be carried out without further cleaning.
    Easy maintenance: Use clean water on a daily basis or mop the floor with neutral detergent and water if necessary.

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  • Exterior Garden Terrazzo Floor Tiles

    Exterior Garden Terrazzo Floor Tiles

    Product feature:
    We can provide customers with customized services for shopping malls, villas, conference rooms, hotels and other places, such as ceilings, art background wall, door frame lines, window sill lines, exterior wall decoration, wall panel decoration and other solutions. Our exterior terrazzo floor tiles products can be satisfied all customized service mentioned. The exterior terrazzo floor tiles have great performance, which feature in: Compressive strength ≥ 92 Mpa; Waterproof and moisture proof: Water absorption rate 0.44%; Fire rating: A1 flame retardant; High temperature adaptability: water resistance with corrosion resistance, freezing and thawing resistance. Our exterior terrazzo floor tiles is the options for outdoor space decoration.

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  • Grey Marble Modern Interior Terrazzo

    Grey Marble Modern Interior Terrazzo

    Product feature:
    In the process of material selection, the radioactive elements which are harmful to human body in the natural marble were eliminated by strict filtrate.
    Green inorganic adhesive is added to produce grey marble modern interior terrazzo design. The terrazzo blocks will be natural curing at room temperature, this is low energy consumption and pollution. After curing, blocks can be cut to slabs and tiles as required.

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  • Luxury Terrazzo Stone Wall Cladding

    Luxury Terrazzo Stone Wall Cladding

    Product features:
    Low water absorption and anti slip of terrazzo stone wall cladding make it fit for bathroom space, kitchen area decoration.
    Specification of terrazzo tiles can be customized to meet your market demands.
    Suitable for interior design, for example: fashion shop, restaurant, theater and etc.

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  • Beige Marble Fine Terrazzo Floor Tile

    Beige Marble Fine Terrazzo Floor Tile

    Product feature:
    Beige marble fine terrazzo floor tiles are stain resistance, thanks to its durability, they are widely used in home decoration, business and other applications, terrazzo is suitable for furniture decoration as well. Expecially for upscale craft decoration of modern hotel and household.

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