Quality inspection System

The brand's soul is always related to the quality of products, in consequence, we place quality improvement as our top priority.


▲Quality inspection team

Firstly, inspected from raw materials, all raw materials must be inspected at least 3 times.


MES system is one of our quality assurance system, it is fully applied within the whole production process, this enable every SIGHTONE MARBLE customer can track back any production data of what they purchased. 


▲Each block has it’s own QR code


▲Each tile has it’s own QR code, which includes the infos: Slab’s model code, Slab size, Classification, inspected staff, cut from which block, packing time.


▲Slab inspection, main inspection key: slab thickness and surface condition. Check any impurities, black dots, pin hole or scratch on the surface.


▲Finished production inspection, including dimension, size and angle.

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