Care and maintenance

According to the use situation, if the table surface and floor surface lose luster, scratch or there are too many stains that are difficult to remove, it is necessary to repair the crystal surface, or even renovate and repair.


1. Key points of daily maintenance

1. Make daily cleaning work according to different needs every day

a. Push dust or vacuum regularly to keep the stone surface clean, because sand, stone, mud and dust are left on the stone surface. When people pass by, it is like sandpaper rubbing on the stone surface, serious damage to the stone surface shall be prevented.

b. Use water or neutral detergent to mop the surface when necessary.

c. The floor surface can also be mop with diluted k-1 agent every day, and the dilution ratio is 1:150.

2. Once necessary, replenish professional curing agent, gaochen crystal agent and Dalong dn528 crystal agent on the treated floor according to the first process proceed in sequence and use machine to spread. Small area maintenance can be done by hand polishing machine. Large area such as commercial, public subway and other areas should treated by crystal machine.

3. Maintenance shall be carried out once a month. For places with less flow, maintenance can be carried out once every three months. For areas with less contact pollution, such as windowsills, maintenance can be carried out as required.


2. Notes for artificial stone daily maintenance


1. Do not touch non-neutral substances for a long time. The acid will erode the grain boundary of feldspar and limestone crystals, which cause the phenomenon of grain stripping


2. Use neutral or weak acid stable products to maintain the crystal materials


3. Use neutral or weak alkaline detergent to clean the stone surface, and use water to remove residual cleaning agent, acid agent residue will make the stone loss it’s luster.


4. Do not cover the carpet for a long time, sundry, carpet should be often clean, sundry should be moved as soon as possible, otherwise stone disease problem will be occurred when it’s moisture and water content increase.

5. To keep completely clean, to immediately remove pollution and often keep dry ventilation.It is strictly prohibited to use steel ball and other rough tools to clean the stone surface.


6. Regular protective treatment should be applied. The quality of protective agent should be treated once every 2 years.


7. when using the brush machine or automatic washing machine do not use the washing brush, because of  the irregular pressure and hardness will cause abrasion of floor.

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