Artificial Marble

  • Modern Artificial Marble Carrara Tile

    Modern Artificial Marble Carrara Tile

    Product feature:
    Modern carrara marble tiles advantage in antibacterial, anti-mold and heat resistance.
    What's more, carrara and calacatta marble tiles are color consistency, to make the fullest use of every slab and tile.
    Seductive artificial carrara marble tiles can be matched with any other marble to add contrast and personality in bathrooms, kitchens, livings, floors and walls.

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  • Brown Faux Marble Flooring Tile

    Brown Faux Marble Flooring Tile

    Product feature:
    Brown faux marble flooring tile has solid texture, it's scratch resistant tile.
    Brown marble slab and tile is easy cleaning, high temperature resistant, wear resistance.
    High hardness (Mohs hardness is up to 5), scratch resistant.
    No color difference in the same batch of artificial marble slabs and tiles, can be comparable with Compac

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  • Spanish Grey Engineered Stone Flooring

    Spanish Grey Engineered Stone Flooring

    Product feature:
    Elegant gray marble flooring tiles are made from calcium carbonate powder (natural marble powder), environment-friendly resin & pigment. All materials are high quality and selective, the natural marble powder material is classied by its pattern, colors, size. The raw materials should be mixed in certain ratio, which is essential for producing artificial marble.
    Therefore, engineered stone tiles' color can be customizable and controllable, marble tiles are easy to be processed and renovated.

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  • Cinderella Grey Marble Table

    Cinderella Grey Marble Table

    Product features:
    Cinderella Grey Marble Table Tile can be polished. Polishing should pass 4 times washing, 20 times grinding and polishing, 12 times of super clean nano anti-fouling treatment. As a result, all the products' finish degree will be up to 95 and even higher, also have ability of super waterproof and anti-fouling.
    Cinderella Grey Marble are usually used to vanity backsplash or marble table, which is gentle and modest, fully meet people's aesthetical persuit and standard, giving the kitchen and bathroom space purer style.

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  • Grey Artificial Marble Cabinet

    Grey Artificial Marble Cabinet

    With improved anti-pollution ability, grey artificial marble is quite ideal materials for counter top and cabinet. Backsplash accessory is also matched accordingly.
    For the flooring, It's recommended to select thickness of 20mm.
    The development and application of deep processing finished products such as counter top, can match with marble tiles better and create more perfect space effect and achieve overall decorative effect.

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  • Black Interior Engineered MarbleTile

    Black Interior Engineered MarbleTile

    Product feature:
    Black marble tiles are able to process different surfaces.
    Marble tiles of this series can be metal coatings, including gold coating and silver coating, as well as special surface treatment, such as Honed, Slotting, Abrasive Blasting, flame, tumbled, allowing the production of shinning effect.
    Two standards, including 600x900 and 800x800, are all optional in Sightone. This marble flooring

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  • Beige Artificial Marble Kitchen Tile

    Beige Artificial Marble Kitchen Tile

    Product feature:
    In recent years, aritificial marble tiles have become an increasingly popular alternative to natural marble when used for top-grade decoration applications. The inkjet technology has developed so rapidly that we are now able to create a natural marble texture effect within the industry.
    In addition, the color can be controllable and hardly exist color aberration in our aritificial marble tiles.

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  • Brown Artificial Marble Flooring Tile

    Brown Artificial Marble Flooring Tile

    Product feature:
    After high-tech treatment and advanced molding technology, with the super mirror technology, the marble glossiness is greater than 90 degrees, which improve the ability of fouling resistance as well. Artificial marble tiles also can do the soft polishing, and honed. Satisfy any demands for surface treatment.
    Engineered marble also called artificial marble, apply to countertop is available.

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  • Ivory Artificial Marble Lobby Tile

    Ivory Artificial Marble Lobby Tile

    Product feature:
    Sightone has established a processing service system for many years. The machining base are equipped with global advanced numerical control processing equipment, as well as many precision equipment developed and improved according to the characteristics of artificial marble. In accordance with the processing service process standard, the craftsmanship can be penetrated into each finished product, and each set of deep-processed products can be manufactured by handicrafts, which make the artificial marble look tile be more radiant after being finely carved, and it is worthy of trust.

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