Production Cycle


 01  Raw Material     

Stone aggregate, environmental pigment,

environmental resin as well as additional

aesthetic materials such as glass


 02 Mixing

All needed materials are stirred at a refined ratio,

and then transferring to molding


 03  Molding

The uniform mixture in mould will be formed by

high-frequency high-pressure shock compression



 04  Block Curing

Natural curing: 7 days or microwave curing to 

achieve full Polymerization.(Microwave curing

technology is cooperating with China Academy

Science to save the curing time to 1 day, there are

 only 2 machines in CHINA, all in our factory) 


 05  Processing

Blocks to be saw cut to slabs of different thickness,

 thickness ranges to 14-50mm. Slabs polishing,

special surface finishing such as slotting, flamed, matte.

Tile cutting and special processing such as window sill,

countertop, staircase.


 06  Inspection

MES system( production data system,

 which applied to whole production process) & 

performance characteristics quality control to

ensure each products us first class one.

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